Frequently asked questions

What is ganache?

Our bonbons are filled with ganache which is a smooth chocolate center made by mixing chocolate and fresh cream.

How should I store my chocolates?

Chocolates should be stored in a dry, dark and cool place between 12-20 Celsius don’t place them in the refrigerator or freezer since they can easily absorb odors as well as moisture.

How do you paint the chocolates?

We use colored cocoa butter to paint our bonbons. We melt the cocoa butter and paint the molds by hand using a paintbrush.

Do you have a retail store?

Not at this time. You can set up an appointment to pick up your orders in our Andover, MA kitchen or find our chocolates in one of the locations listed in Where to Buy

How long do the chocolates last?

Since we don’t use any preservatives our bonbons are at their peak of flavor within 4 weeks. Solid chocolates, barks and other confections will last for 3-4 months.